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Window Medics is a trusted name for builders and remodelers across Canada and the US.

We understand the only certain way to succeed in the much competitive construction business is delivering world-class quality at cost effective pricing. By offering premium solutions and expert services tailored to the specific requirements of your projects, we help you to surpass the expectations of your clients and lead your business on the highway to relentless success.

Choose Window Medics: Deliver Better Value to Your Clients

Though the funding available for a remodeling project plays the pivotal role in deciding its outcome, it does not imply that a fortune must be invested in order to create magic. We closely work with you to identify the requirements and limitations of your projects, offering special pricing and bulk discounts for large orders to help you optimize your profits without compromising on quality.

Enable Your Clients to Save BIG on Power Bills

Power bills are definitely a big concern for most property owners. As a remodeler, you can ensure great savings for your clients by opting for our energy efficient windows and doors. Our solutions not only cut down power bills, but also entitle property owners to receive a tax credit of up to $500 – a perk you can always use in your pitch for customer acquisition.

Comprehensive 20-Year Warranty = Complete Peace of Mind!

Unfortunately, not many in the construction business stand behind what they deliver. However, we are here to change that for good. When you choose Window Medics for any need of your remodeling project, you get a comprehensive 20-year warranty on all parts as well as work.

Ample Room for Customization

It is fair possibility that your remodeling plan requires customized parts and products. Therefore, to help you deliver on client specific requirement, we offer a whole lot of customization options. Thanks to our skilled workforce, rest assured we can accommodate all sorts of customization requirements.

Need More Info?

To find out the details about our offers and special pricing for builders and remodelers, please feel free to call 888-329-7116 (Toll Free).