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Founded with the objective to share our expertise in the window installation business, Window Medics has built two state-of-the-art training facilities – Minnesota, US and Ottawa, Canada.

These facilities give dealers to gain the required skill sets they need to be successful in a booming marketplace that is currently clocking over 100,000,000 service calls for thermal pane windows every year in the US alone.

  • Personal trainings take place with our master trainers in a custom-built training facility that is designed to demonstrate the various ways to leverage technology use by Window Medics.
  • Our trainers take you through the theory of how thermal pane windows work, why they fail and how to restore them. This knowledge helps dealers to garner the confidence of potential customers.
  • We teach our “Dew-Point” chill test that can test the thermal integrity of any window. Chances are if there is one failed window there are more in line as all the windows were fabricated together.
  • Other experts take you through business planning, financial modeling, safety, operations, sales and marketing. You get both classroom and hands-on Training with your Window Medics International Dealership.

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Start your own Window Medics dealership today! Join the training to learn everything you need to know!

It’s not a matter of “IF” the windows in the buildings in your area will need Window Medics, It’s “WHEN”!