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Commercial Solutions


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  • 110% Best Price Match Guarantee. Quote must be correct within 30 days & it has to be equal quality & or same product.
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What's in the Price?

  • The dollar value indicators ($, $$, $$$) represent an estimated base model and do not include upgrade options, accessories, installation, taxes or delivery.
  • Specifications of options and accessories are subject to change.
  • Prices are independently determined by your local Window Medics dealer.
  • Selecting appropriate Window Medics products is the sole responsibility of the architect, building owner and/or contractor.
  • Please contact your local Window Medics dealer to receive an accurate quote.

Commercial Solutions


Window Medics offers specialized defog services for removing fog from windows of commercial establishments, helping you save up to 70 percent compared to window replacement. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience, we provide reliable, cost-effective services to restore foggy glass of single, double and triple pane windows; however, if the damage is beyond the scope of restoration, we replace the glass.

The Defogging Process

Commercial windows are usually made using Insulated Glass Units (IGU) comprising two or more pieces of glass separated by a spacer bar. This bar is glued to the glass panes using a special sealant to prevent transmission of moisture vapors. However, some amount of moisture still enters the IGU during the fabrication process. A desiccant material in the spacer bar absorbs the moisture to an extent. However, it does not take long for this material to get saturated, which results in fogging.

We have a pressure equalizing system that helps manage the level of humidity in between a thermal pane (IGU). Our valve technology helps manage moisture level inside glass panes. You can rely on us for providing the most cost-effective double pane defog service. If at all you face any problem, there no need to worry for all of our products and services are backed by a comprehensive 20-year warranty.

Here is a sneak peek at what is involved:

  • We drill the outer panes of your window at points that are outside of your view to gain access to the trapped air.
  • After drawing out the air, after spraying in between the glass pain, we employ a drying system to get rid of the moisture.
  • After that, we install valve that enables your window to breathe out any future air moisture saturation.

Need more info?

Window Medics is a trusted window solutions and maintenance services provider serving an extensive clientele spread across Canada and the US. To learn more about our commercial window defogging services, please feel free to contact our support desk at 888-329-7116 (Toll Free).

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