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This section includes answers to some frequently asked questions regarding windows, glass, doors, defogging and other related services.

A. Window restoration can help you save money and the environment. It reduces the amount of waste that ends-up in our landfills and also reduces the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere.
A. The cost to restore a window is typically ½ to 1/3 the cost of window replacement. The size and the style of the window play an important role while deciding the cost.
A. The presence of fog is due to the amount of water vapor in the window system. The team at Window Medics can solve this problem by using our skills and innovative defogging methods.
A. At Window Medics, we provide 20-year warranty on our products and services. Our warranty is supported by Window Medics process that re-engineers your window system by installing a micro-valve.
A. Generally, the ‘R’ in standard thermal pane is in a range of 3.2 to 4.3. Our process restores the wet air with dry air, which is a better insulator. It restores R-value close to that of new unit.
A. Yes! At Window Medics, all our products are ENERGY STAR rated and meet CSA standards.
A. Of course! Window Medics provides a large variety of products, customized to your needs. If you want a new door that best compliments your home’ s natural design, we can provide it for you.
A. Defogging is a special procedure that removes fog in your windows. This technique permits you to increase the life of your windows and helps reduce energy consumption.
A. If the restoration service is done properly, streaking won’t be an issue.
A. Our team of experts will be happy to answer all your queries. Send a message or call us - Toronto: 416-907-8064, Ottawa: 613-216-2133, Montreal: 514-472-0357, Winnipeg: 204-275-0512, Toll Free: 888-405-9860

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