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Providing Window Restoration Services Since 2004

Window Medics is among the largest thermal windowpane restoration companies with over 100 service locations and more than 200 technicians in the US alone. We have perfected the technology and developed a complete window restoration process, which changed the way window restoration agencies operate today!

In 2004, Michael Joasil created Window Medics with an aim to provide world-class window repair and restoration services to people across Canada and the US. By 2005, over 100, 000 installations were conducted in the US. Window Medics’ constant focus on great service, quality, innovation, value and community leadership has allowed it to grow and become world’s largest thermal windowpane restoration company.

Over a decade, we have rescued more than million thermal pane windows that otherwise would have been replaced, providing great savings to the owner and the environment. Our passion, innovative concepts and dedication helped us continue to forge ahead as industry leaders.

Growth of Window Medics:

  • 2002 – Commercialized Technology
  • 2004 – Window Medics is Founded
  • 2005 – Built 1st US Training Facility
  • 2006 – Dealership Program Established
  • 2006 – R & D of New Valve, Technology and Intellectual Property
  • 2008 – Expanded into the United Kingdom

About Michael Joasil – The Founder

Michael Joasil is an entrepreneur with more than 8-years of experience in corporate operations and business development. He founded Window Medics at the age of 18. Today, Window Medics commercializes a patent pending moisture control and damage prevention system that restores clarity and insulation to failed insulated glass unit windows. This innovative process provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to window replacements.

Change the Way Window Restoration Industry Works

Our Mission

Window Medics seeks to protect the environment and investments of property owners by providing cost-effective window restoration solutions that extend the life of buildings and improve the aesthetic qualities. Our mission is to deliver superior quality service and workmanship to our customers through innovative techniques and hard work. We serve our clients by providing knowledgeable problem evaluation techniques, environmental-friendly solutions, and superior service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to be the nation’s premier provider of cutting edge window solution technology to property owners in all market segments. We aim to our continual growth in giving the best quality products to every one of our clients.

Environmental Philosophy

The team at Window Medics believes in sustainable living, recycling, minimizing our ecological footprints, reusing and restoring. We aim to make a difference, maintain and improve our environment at levels that future generations can enjoy. By designing Window Medics solution, we reduced the requirement of window replacement. This decreases the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills and also reduces the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

Dealership Opportunities

Window Medics provides dealership opportunities to help professionals start their own business. We have a state-of-the-art facility in Minnesota, US, and Ottawa, Canada to help our dealers with the very best training methods and gain the skill sets they require to be successful in the business. The Dealer Program was launched in 2005, which provides a full business program for dealership success. Apart from window restoration, many of our certified dealers also offer services such as Glass Replacement and Window Cleaning.

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